Solutions for Interior / Architecture

Showcase your design concepts and material selections

Elevating Interior and Architectural Creativity

View 360 Panorama

Immerse yourself in VR with our 360 panorama view, showcasing your product comprehensively from all angles. This interactive feature enhances user engagement, allowing for captivating exploration and leaving a memorable impact.

Compare design

Evaluate numerous products simultaneously using our Compare Product feature, which consolidates them onto one screen for seamless decision-making. This user-friendly tool eliminates confusion, enabling users to effortlessly make informed choices and elevate their shopping experience to its fullest potential.

Visualise different Tile design

With this software, users can immediately visualize different tile options, allowing them to see a variety of choices at once with just a glance. This instant visualization provides the advantage of quickly assessing multiple options without the need for time-consuming comparisons. By presenting a range of choices simultaneously, the software eliminates uncertainty and hesitation, enabling users to confidently select the most suitable tile for their needs.

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Variety of Rooms

Explore a variety of rooms across different categories including living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, outdoor, elevation, and more. This categorization simplifies the viewing of tiles, allowing users to easily find and visualize options specific to each room type.

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