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List ofFrequently Asked Questions

why TilesView ?

TilesView helps ceramic manufacturers and sellers to visualize the tile selection in room. It removes the major hassle for customers to travel for seeing the display, with our system it becomes easy to visualize the tile product in pre-loaded rooms.

How much does TilesView cost?

There is one time fee based on PLR's ( Pre-Loaded Rooms). Then there are renewal fees for next year support & cloud storage. Drop email for a quote. Here is the link to plan and subscription

How long does it take to integrate TilesView into my website?

Within a single day we can integrate, TilesView has a useful feature displayed as a widget on your website. our technical team will help you to connect,

Will TilesView slow down my website?

No, tiles view will not affect of your website loading time, it's fully cloud based system.

Can I upload my tiles Designs ?

Yes, by login to backend panel you can upload tiles designs.

For technical updates any extra cost in future ?

For this version, Technical updates & all new features will be free for life time. You just need to pay renewal fee for next year subscription as cloud maintenance & virtual support.

Can we create sub users for my Tiles view account ?

You can create sub users for visualise your tiles, and also you can make separate designs for your dealers. If some of designs is privacy with your users, then you can set as per visualise user login.

Can I autoload my products available on my web?

Yes, your all products will be auto uploaded but in selected plans only.

Do you support languages other than English?

Yes. We support a growing number of languages, and have customers all around the world.

In which way i can save my previews made?

You can save room preview as image, pdf , share it on social platform even you can also create catalogs.

Can I use my company logo in room previews that I make?

Yes, you can.

Which server do you use?

We use Amazon Web Service (AWS)

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