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Helping Customers change their visualize habits

At TilesView, every buyer has felt that they have made a right choice right from taking the trial to being a pretty part of the company. Read the story of Outdoor and General from Australia with TilesView; who knows you might too find some mutual points to connect thereafter.

The Key to TilesView's success is the photorealistic quality of visualisation.

When a customer picks a tiles on client website and tries it in their own home,they can't see the different between the real picture and tilesview render. A customer who is confident about how the product will look in their own home is several times more likely to complete the purchase right there and then.

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Attractive selling conditions
Attractive selling conditions


With over more than 5000 dealers

with the help of these extraordinary features,KAG has managed to move ahead with new users across india and Abroad. KAG is one of the largest wall and floor tile manufactures in india which has been into the market for the last 25 years, with more than 2500 designs of tiles and 100 exclusive showrooms.

it has been a long time since KAG and TilesView have got along, whereas TilesView has been active in more than other than india.

it has it's network with major Tiles Businesses, which includes manufactures, distributors, importers, exporterss, wholesalers, retailers,contractors and dealers of tiles.

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