Solutions for Distributors

Also suitable for Supply Chain Industry.

Use solutions for augmented reality visualisation to improve the shopping experience of your retailers.

Engage Retailers effectively

Quick Catalog Creation

Create a seamless catalog with ease using our catalog feature, which simplifies the process to just a few clicks. This efficient method streamlines catalog creation, empowering businesses to effectively showcase their products without hassle.

Compare product

Easily compare multiple products at once with our Compare Product feature, streamlining decision-making by consolidating them onto a single screen. This intuitive functionality removes ambiguity, empowering users to effortlessly make well-informed decisions and optimize their shopping experience.

Instant preview images of the products

Utilize the instant preview feature to effortlessly showcase your entire product range with a single click, offering customers a swift and thorough glimpse of your offerings. By providing instant access to product previews, you can boost user engagement, facilitate product discovery, and drive conversions effectively.

Manually enhance your API documentation

Web Product Display with Real-Time View

By integrating with the web, users can access virtual samples,enriching their product experience. This integration also supports customization,enabling customers to personalize product layouts according to their preferences.

Manually enhance your API documentation