How Tilesview Can Benefit Your Business?


How Tilesview Can Benefit Your Business?

How Tilesview Can Benefit Your Business?

  • Dec 20, 2021
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TilesView is the latest new innovation by the Light Link Solution and is a novel, simple, and intelligent method to visualise tiles. The world's most unique tile visualizer solution, which lets you bring your tiling ideas for walls and floors to life. We understand how difficult it may be to envision a fully finished area simply by looking at a tile, marble, or mosaic.

We built our inspired tile visualizer because we understand how difficult it may be to visualise how your chosen tiles would look in your home or business. It's easier to envision your tile selection if you break it down into three simple phases.

With our Visualizer, you may design your area in your own manner. Now you may choose your favourite tiles from our large range and see how they would appear in a room. Choose a tile from the several selections, and the visualizer will replace the image's surfaces with the chosen tiles. Instead of relying solely on your imagination, you may select your tiles by viewing an actual depiction of how they might appear in a location. So, now that you've designed your space online, it's time to put it into action in real life to achieve the greatest results! 

The world is changing, and so has its way of conducting daily activities. It was only a matter of time that the world moved to a new way doing business. Tilesview offers an immersive new experience for the tiles industry. If you are a manufacturer, a distributor or a seller then tilesview might be the best solution for you. Here, we have listed down few points on how tilesview can benefit your business.

How Tilesview Can Benefit Your Business?

It’s Time To Change!

As is, the tile sector follows traditional business practises, and it is only recently that several market players have begun to experiment with user experience and try to improve it. Visualisation solutions are sometimes misunderstood as a marketing gimmick rather than a tool for improving the purchase experience and increasing sales.

However, recent technology breakthroughs in several industries, as well as how the world is welcoming all new changes with open arms, are sufficient reasons to make this shift of providing a tile visualisation tool. The tool allows your consumers to look at your large range of tile options with ease and from the comfort of their own homes.

Hunt Prospects!

Prospective clients are likely to find it difficult to reach a physical address, and this in turn may hamper your business. Tilesview lets your customers to use the app from the comfort of their home. This is a critical tool for communicating crucial information with clients about tiles, its color, designs etc.

Furthermore, having a high-quality, easy-to-use tool such as this makes it easier for clients to build an effective experience high-quality experience across the board. The trustworthiness that your business can have via this will go a long way toward expanding their audience. 

Go Global!

It has never been easier to break geographical barriers thanks to the internet and the availability of knowledge to everyone on the planet. As a result, there is a possibility of expanding the consumer base outside of the country too.

Tilesview tool lets the distributor located at the other end of the globe to have a look at the tiles in offer. Find it in a setting of their choosing and have it visualized and finalized. Let your customer base grow outside the boundaries of the Indian market.

Convert Leads!

Having a tool that is so immersive provides the best user experience with top of the class visual smoothness. Anyone who gets to use the tool will be impressed without doubt. The Tilesview application thus generates leads for possible conversions for sales, as the user most likely would have had a hassle-free experience going through your tiles, its different varieties etc.


The Tilesview web application not only provides your customers with a smooth user experience but also helps you directly. Gone are the days when you needed some experts to do your catalogues, with Tilesview, just upload your tiles and sit back. The application and its tools create you your personal catalogue. Show off your tiles in the most professional way possible.

Branding & Advertisement!

Branding your business has not been this easy. Collect all your tiles, have your own catalogues and upload your logos and design. Own everything and without any extra cost. The Tilesview tool allows you to advertise what you have created in very many platforms. Send these collections via emails, share them from your social media, make a video that showcase your beautiful tiles.


Hence, we have emphasized how Tilesview is more than just a web integrated application and how Tilesview can benefit your business. The application itself is integrated into any website in just three easy steps and that is a seamless integration without having to change anything on your website and maintaining the existing user experience. Our experts will assist you completely and give you a walk through for the tool.

If you choose to integrate this tool for your small or big tile business, we at Lightlink Solutions have an established track record as one of the leading Web services. We can provide solutions that fit your budget while also meeting your company's special needs.

We also make certain that we manage your web development or other project on a limited budget. Our IT and SEO experts have years of experience building and administering websites dedicated to tiles and related ceramic products. 

Tilesview may be a simple tool but its prospects are not feeble, in fact the tool ensures your business have that extra edge over your competition. Let your customers have the best online experience and do not let yourself in confines of a traditional store to show your high quality and stunning tiles. Just have a conversation with our expert and decide on what may be a game changer for your business.

Article Updated:- March 01, 2022

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